Be sure to ask your Licensed Nail Professional for the DejaNu Pro Acrylic Nails and the SPAtaneous Herbal Indulgence SPA Products! The latest technology combined with the highest quality is available NOW!

United Nails DejaNu Pro Acrylic Powder & Brilliance Powder offers you many beautiful combinations

From left to right:
Clearly Beautiful
Brilliance Shimmering Clear
Classic White & Timeless Pink
Perfectly White & Delicious Pink
Perfectly White Rapid~Set & Passionate Pink
Brilliance Shimmering Clear, Shimmering White & Shimmering Pink

Explain to your clients about your salons sanitary precautions
(lots of discount salon have none at all!)
With our  "Single Use" files  your clients are safe.
Let them watch  that you put on a brand new file strip and throw it away after the service. NO risk of spreading infektions or diseases.  Affordable prices and exellent for retailing.

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The United Nails DejaNu Pro Nail Forms are the BEST!!! They are so easy to apply! The bold line down the center of the graph area is to help with your alignment as you work on nails that are crooked that need a little re~directing ;) the bold line across the #3 graph assists our eyes as we are applying our acrylic quickly to be sure that we get the same length for each nail. Usually a Client wants the #3 length or shorter...or the #3 length and longer so this helps us quickly see we are on target! The sculptured Edge Nail application is so easy with our forms as well...just crease the form down the center bold graph and apply!

Each form is also perforated to open for larger knuckles and our forms stick well and are double thick to hold the desired "c"shape!